Friday, August 20, 2010

Here's the kick off....and it's good!

Blue, 42, set, hike! The Reading Railroad is kicking off the school year with some help from a few guys who know a little about a good kick! Come and join the Reading Railroad and the Logansport Berries football players as we host ‘Meet Me at the Carousel: Meet the Football Players’, this Sunday night at the carousel in Riverside Park, from 5:30-7:30pm. The Berries football players will be on sight to read football-themed stories, and help host fun football-themed literacy centers. There will also be free books given away, and free carousel rides from 6:30-7:30pm. Our fun is geared toward PreK-2nd graders, but the whole family is welcome! So grab your football helmet, pom-poms and jersey, and come join in on the fun, as we kick off another year to love literacy! We’ll meet you at the carousel!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beyond Alphabet Soup

This Saturday, people from all around Cass County will follow their rumbling tummies to Little Turtle Waterway, anxious to delight their taste buds on a stroll through the many vendors at this year’s ‘Taste of Cass County’. And for those of you who have kids, whose appetites crave both food and fun, Reading Railroad will be on hand to serve up a taste of different sorts; we’ll be serving heaping portions of literacy fun!

You can find Reading Railroad in our ‘A Taste of Literacy: What’s Cookin’ With Laura Numeroff’ area, located in the gazebo next to the Depot. Come enjoy special story times, as local community leaders read ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’, and other food-oriented, fan favorite, Laura Numeroff books. Then, stick around after the story time to put your literacy skills to work, by creating your very own cookbook! We will have pre-made recipe cards, featuring recipes inspired by Laura Numeroff’s stories, and scrapbooking supplies available so you can create your own cookbook to take home. After all, cooking and literacy go hand in hand; like chocolate chip cookies and milk, you can’t have one without the other!

Admission to the ‘Taste of Cass County’ is $1 per person, and kids under six are free! Which means, the kiddos can come and check out what’s cooking with Reading Railroad, at little or no cost to you. Plus, Reading Railroad will be giving away free books, while supplies last! Sorry parents, the cookbooks are for the kids, but please come and join them as they cut, paste and create!

So, if you’re hungry for literacy, come and get your fill! Who knows, maybe a little taste is all it will take for your child to develop a life-long appetite for literacy! Bon App├ętit!