Tuesday, July 13, 2010

StoryBook Success!!!

Hello All-

We are back in action here at the blog. It was a long week of preparation for our StoryBook Festival last Sunday, but this week make sure to check back daily for your Reading Railroad updates.

Our StoryBook Festival that took place on Sunday was a huge success. There were children all over the park and each one seemed to be having a great time. With all of our planning finally coming to a head on Sunday at the park it was a great feeling for us here at the Reading Railroad to see everyone having such a good time.

We had plenty to offer the children as the park was turned into something straight out of a fairytale. Our theme for the festival was "Once Upon a Time." The kids were able to make their own crowns, wands, bookmarks, illustrate their own fairytale story, create their own fairytale music, joust like knights and even take in a puppet show. There was no shortage of entertainment. Not to mention the delicous cookies, popsicles and popcorn that was donated from our gracious sponsors. All in all it was a fantastic day.

Another benefit of attending the festival this year was that each child who participated in the festival received a free children's book. All they had to do was visit our book distribution corner and choose from the hundreds of childrens books we had to offer. This festival gave us a chance to reach out to the children and families of Cass County and spread the gift of literacy. It was a true display of what the Reading Railroad is all about. Seeing children have fun with literacy is one of the most gratifying gifts on can give, and that is exactly what we get to do every day here with the Reading Railroad.

Thanks to all of our sponsors who provided donations to help the festival come together as it would not have all been possible without them. A big thanks to all of our volunteers and the families who showed up as well. This is something that we look to continue building on in the future and hopefully everyone comes back to join us in future years.

However, the festival DOES NOT mark the end of our summer programs. Don't forget to join us on Mondays for our literacy centers, Tuesday and Thursdays for Brown Bags and Books and Wednesday nights for our Story Nights at the Story House Depot. Two more weeks left. Let's finish up strong. Check back tomorrow for some Brown Bag ideas.

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