Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th Of July Literacy Activities

It's always fun to do crafts with the little ones to go along with the holidays. However, we often overlook the day our nation gained its freedom as being a day to do some fun crafts. I know, it's always so nice on the 4th and no one wants to be inside, but trust me, if your kids see these fun activities you have in store for them they will be sure to come inside for a little while to partake in the fun. It doesn't have to be an all day event, just take a little time to spend with your little one working on their literacy skills, all while enjoying the time together to teach them that the 4th of July is more than grilling out and fireworks.

Paper Roll Windsocks
What you need
•Toilet paper rolls
•Blue paint
•White star stickers
•Red and white streamers, or ribbon
•Yarn or string
•Hole punch

Provide your child with an empty toilet paper roll. Let them paint the roll with blue paint. Let dry. Have them add white star stickers to their roll. Cut white and red streamers into strips and attach to one end of the paper roll with glue and a stapler. On the other end, punch two holes opposite each other and thread a long piece of yarn. Tie off to create a handle from which to hang the windsock. Hang the windsocks outside and let children enjoy watching their American flag windsock blow in the wind. Take it outside and enjoy your new creation

Bring the fireworks inside with Firework Art

Place various colors of diluted paint into small bowls. Give each child a straw and white piece of paper. Have children dip their straw into the diluted paint and blow the paint onto their paper. This makes a great fireworks effect!

Star Rubbings

Cut star shapes from paper doilies or sandpaper. Tape stars to table. Have children place a piece of thin white paper over stars and rub a crayon over the star.

After doing one or all of these craft ideas your little one will definitely be in the mood for a delicious snack. So why not continue with the theme and help them with the creation of a fun patriotic snack.

Graham Cracker Flags
What you need
•Graham crackers
•White icing
•Blue food coloring
•Red licorice
•white chocolate chips
•Small bowls
•Craft sticks or plastic knives

Show the kids a flag or a picture of the flag. Talk about what the flag means. The fifty stars represent the fifty states. The thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies. The color blue stands for justice, or fairness; the color white stands for purity; and the color red stands for courage.

Mix some of the white icing with blue food coloring. Place white and blue icing in separate bowls. Provide each child with a graham cracker and craft stick. Let them spread the white frosting on the cracker. Add some blue frosting to the top left corner. Pull the red licorice into small strips and cut into pieces. let them add the licorice for the stipes and decorate their graham cracker so that it resembles a flag. Add white chocolate chips or star sprinkles for the stars.

Enjoy these fun patriotic literacy activities with your kids. Have a great literacy filled holiday.

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