Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pure Peanut Butter Goodness

Hello All,

As part of our Brown Bags and Books summer events we have promised some lunch suggestions to pack in your brown bag to bring to the park to read. Today I have quite the lineup to offer and hopefully everyone can find something to suit them. The focus of today is Peanut Butter. Whether it be crunchy, creamy, all natural or regular, it holds a special place in every kids heart. It can be used for so many different things, and has so many delicious combinations that you can't go wrong packing this in your childrens lunch. So, without further adu, here are some delectable Peanut Butter sandwich ideas for you and your little ones to try.

Crazy Caroline's PB and Banana

In this sandwich Caroline says she lathers up two pieces of bread with PB and then puts as much banana on the sandwich as she can without it falling apart. Caroline stands by this sandwich with a full guarantee of it being delicious and will not dissapoint.

2 slices of bread


1 Banana

Lauren's Little Treat

One of Lauren's favorite childhood memories is eating her mom's PB, Apple and Cinnamon Sandwich. When I asked her about her favorite sandwich she immediately got a huge smile on her face thinking about it. So, this one must be good plus it comes with the high regards of Lauren.

2 slices of bread


1/2 Apple

sprinkle of cinnamon

Joyce's Unique PB and Cheese

As I was asking about the office for PB favorites I stumbled upon this odd creation from our Executive Director, Joyce. She too got an enormous smile on her face after thinking back to her favorite PB creations as she told me, PB and cheese. I looked at her, shocked at the odd combination but after her vivid description it didn't sound to bad in the end. I'll let you guys be the judge of this one.

2 slices of bread


2 slices of your favorite cheese

Classic Fluffernutter

This classic is sure to bring a smile to the face of your little one. There is nothing like the combination of marshmallows and PB. Even better when you put them between two slices of bread. So here you go, keepin' it classy with the Classic Fluffernutter!!

2 slices of bread


2 TBSP marshmallow cream

Ants on a Log

This is a nice addition to send alongside any sandwich. It is something healthy that the kids can have fun both creating and eating.

2 celery sticks (cut into "logs")


1 cup of raisins

After cutting up your celery sticks into mini logs, fill each log with PB. Then take your raisins and sprinkle them on top of the logs. The raisins will look like little ants crawling all over a dead log. They go great in brown bag lunches.

I hope everyone finds one of these PB creations to suit their fancy. And hey, who knows maybe by trying one of the crazy suggestions we have given you, you will find a new favorite.

It is shaping up to be a beautiful day here in Cass County. Sounds like an excellent chance to attend Brown Bags and Books today at Spencer Park from 12-2. Stop out and see Sam and give some feedback on our sandwich creations. We'll see you out there.

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