Monday, June 21, 2010

Spicing Up the Classics

As part of the weekly brown bag suggestions, I have decided to talk about different ways to vary the classic brown bag lunch sandwiches. After last weeks exciting experiments with Peanut Butter, this week I will try to give some tips on how you can change that boring Turkey Sandwich into something your little one will get excited about every day. A lot of times the changes are so subtle one would not think they would even make a difference, but they truly do change the way these classics taste; in a good way.


Now if kids today are anything like I was when I was little their favorite condiment is ketchup. And if they are like I was then they would rather eat the ketchup than whatever it is they are putting it on. However, ketchup can get boring after a while. Another popular condiment for a turkey or ham sandwich is mayonaise. Although good, this condiment adds a lot of unneeded fat to your little ones lunch. A healthy alternative to mayonaise is hummus. It comes in a lot of different flavors and adds a lot of flavor to a turkey or ham sandwich. I have found the best way to get your kids to try it is sneak it on a sandwich without them knowing. They will be sure to enjoy it. Another yummy alternative is Nutella. This tasty spread is very popular in Europe and is slowly making its way to the States. At first it may seem odd that I am suggesting a chocolate spread to put on your kids sandwich, however, this spread is actualy quite healthy. Made from hazlenuts it makes a delicious addition to a cold meat sandwich. It can also be used like PB and be put on a sandwich with bananas to make a delicious Nutella and banana sandwich. A last suggestion is to put some Peanut Butter on your cold meat sanwiches. At first it sounds repulsive, but the combination of the two is actually quit delicious.

Vary the Bread

Such a simple suggestion I know, but kids get really fired up about the little things. With so many options of bread it never hurts to mix up what kind you are using for your childs sandwich. A favorite of mine was when I opened the lunch box and found a mini sub sanwich. It was almost like my mom was a professional sub chef. Plus it makes you feel different from everyone else who has their boring square bread. Another easy way to spice up a sandwich is to turn it into a wrap. Wraps are a simple effective way to mix up the day to day monotony of bread but keep the nutritional value we all want for our kids. It also perks excitement to cut the sandwiches into various shapes. This is easy to do by using cookie cutters to cut the sandwich into a fun shape. These are especially popular during the holiday seasons.

Healthy Additions

A last easy way to spice up the traditional sandwiches is to add Fruit. At first it may not sound very appetizing, but in fact fruit goes very well will most meets. There is something about the combination of the salty and sweet. Add a slice of pineapple to your ham and cheese sandwich. Or cut an apple into thin slices and add those to your PB and Ham sandwich for a delicious treat. Add some grapes to your turkey sandwich for a healthy addition to your classic sandwich.

Any other combinations that sound good, go for it. A sandwich can be anything you want it to be, so have fun with it. Your kids will love you for it, and they may even want to help you create one of their own magical creations.

I hope everyone finds these suggestions useful. I know some of them seem a bit off the wall, but I guarantee you will be the coolest parent at the lunch table when you are not sending the same thing everyday. It is almost like Christmas morning everyday at lunch, wondering what is inside the lunchbox. Take these new ideas into your kitchen and apply them with your kids. Pack them up in your brown bag and come see the gang at Spencer Park on Tues and Thurs fromm 12-2. See you there!!!!

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